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How Can I

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How Can I

Words and Music: Jake Lierman ©2007 WE7B Music (BMI)

Lead: Jake Lierman


When I see a child in need,

And the pain he feels it just won't heal

As he turns to ask me, why?


So I look to you for what to do.

As he asks me why he starts to cry,

so now I'm asking you, how?


How can I say?

How can I show?

How can I begin to tell him everything I know?

How can I be, the Friend that he needs?

Lord I just need for you to tell me, how?


From up above you send you love

But I still see his fear and he knows Satan’s near

As the tears overwhelm his eyes.


But I wipe them dry, try to tell him why

And that you love him so much and he can feel your touch

If he'll just close his eyes.