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Preach the Word

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Preach the Word

Words and Music: Josh Wheeler ©2007 WE7B Music (BMI)

Lead: John Paul Sheppard


Brothers and Sisters, We’re living in a lost world

Satan is after us, every single corner we turn

We need to stay strong, we need to carry on

So that we can share our news



We’ve got to preach the Word (To a lost and dying world)

We’ve got to preach the Word (To all who haven’t heard)

We’ve got to preach the Word (So that all may see)

That Jesus Christ has paid the price and set us free



I met a lost man lying on the street today

He looked right at me, asked if I could help him anyway

So I told him of Christ, and what he’d done for me

And that through Him we were free




If we all are disciples of Christ

And we know He’s the way, truth and life

Then we’ve got to go into the world

And tell them the news


Repeat Chorus (x2)