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Lord Ill Fly

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Lord I’ll Fly

Words and Music by: Jake Lierman

Arranged by: Nick Gaultney


When the sun has risen, 

and I face another day.

I just remember who I am

and that Jesus is the way. 

Though the world tries to break me

make me stumble make me fall,

then I get down on my knees. 

Lord I pray I call.



And I’ll Fly

(To a place so high above.)

Lord I’ll fly

(To a place of perfect peace)

Lord I’ll fly

(To see and feel a love)

Lord so high

(Feel a love that will not cease)

Lord I’ll Fly.



When this life is over

and the war with sin ends.

And all the dead are risen

and he calls us to be with him.

I will see his face.

I’m gonna sing him Praise.

Give him a sweet embrace,

and I’ll stretch out my arms.


Repeat Chorus


Just think of that day. 

Won’t it be great?

When all we have to do is,

Lord I’m lookin to the sky… 

I’m gonna fly.


And I’ll fly….


© 2009 WE7B Music